The Pursuit of HIPPIEness

Being Hippie is about being true to your desires, and giving a damn about who’s judging you, and why. Desires come in diverse flavours, and Hippie appreciates this diversity like no other. But there’s one quality common to all desires – PURITY. It is this purity that we’ll quench your desire with. Be prepared to feel your taste buds and brain getting short-circuited.

Nope. We do not stir up magic potions like caffeine crazy quacks. Nor do we deliver you psychoactive shots. We simply practice the art of mixology like few others do, to serve you ultimate fluid gastronomy.

And like every soul born in this beautiful world, we’re too starting virgin.


Our 100% natural ingredients have been mixed to those levels of perfection which promise to make your drink the centrepiece of your table memoirs. Be it in company, with accompaniments, or with none.


We have something for the whacky ‘n’ wild, as well as the sober ‘n’ mild. Oozing with sexy goodness, your Hippie drink is a healthy indulgence. So let’s raise a fresh toast to “all fun, no caution”.

Hippie Drinking!